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10 Tips for Dog Bite Prevention

Learning how to be safe around dogs is important for everyone, especially children, whether or not they have a dog at home. In order to make interactions between kids and dogs pleasant for all parties, we recommend teaching children how to approach a dog, what to do when they see a loose dog, and the proper way to treat dogs. 

10 Tips for Dog Bite Prevention

1. Always ask, “May I pet your dog?” 

“Some dogs have never met a child, don’t live with a child, or just don’t yet know what a child is, and the dog may think the child is scary. ” 

2. Slowly present the back of your hand first for the dog to smell 

“Never reach right over the dog’s muzzle or top of their head to pet them unless you have first presented your hand and are getting positive feedback from the dog. ”  

3. Do not run toward a dog 

“Often children run up to a dog with no hesitation whatsoever, and although I am happy to see love and not fear in their eyes, they need to be taught how to approach a dog. ”  

4. Never bark or growl at a dog 

“Whether the dog is by itself, in a crate, or with a person, that is teasing the dog. ”  

5. All dogs can bite because all dogs have teeth 

“People should learn to read a dog’s body language, respect a dog’s space, and always supervise dogs and children. ”  

10 Tips for Dog Bite Prevention

6. Never leave young children and dogs unattended 

“Do not assume a dog is ‘safe’ and ‘will never bite. ’ It’s important to continue to monitor the relationship, as it can change over time. ”  

7. Teach proper manners around the dog for everyone in the family 

“Do not let your child ride or sit on your dog no matter how well behaved he is. Don’t pull his ears or tail. Never bother him while he’s sleeping or eating — after all, would you want someone playing with your food while you eat? ” 


8. ‘Stand like a tree’ around loose dogs 

“In addition, it is important that children know to tell an adult when they see a loose dog or when they see someone hurting a dog. ” 

9. Service dogs are working and should not be bothered 

“They need to keep their attention on their owners, and you must always ask before petting a Service Dog. ”  

10. A dog is not a person 

“A dog may bite when threatened, cornered, or scared. We must respect these facts and get to know the different expressions of a dog as much as possible to be able to anticipate how they are feeling. ”  

Also, dog owners can help with safe canine interactions by socializing and training their dogs. The Canine Good Citizen program offers a good starting point and is the gold standard for dog behavior. 



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