16ft Changeable Cover Retractable Dog Leash

16ft Changeable Cover Retractable Dog Leash

1. Short stroke brake system, one-touch braking and locking safety system, simple and convenient.

2. Comfortable and free ergonomic grip design provides excellent grip.

3. The casing was made of high impact durable and sturdy pp material.

4. The belt is made of high quality nylon tape.

5. The belt outlet was specially designed, flexible and smooth extending and contracting, the belt and belt outlet is not easy to wear and tear which were used frequently for a long time, prevent from being stuck.

6. The high quality leaf spring made of 301 stainless steel has a long lifetime and high tenacity.

7. With help of integrated pp shell closure technology,10 rivets are made tightly to fit together.

8. The chroming 360degrees rotatable hook is resistant to the powerful impact and is hard to rust.


Material: PP casing + Nylon Outbelt + Nylon Belt Leash + ABS Button + Zinc Alloy Hook + SUS301 Spring

Maximum Tension: 110 lbs


Adjustable Length: 16ft

Net Weight: 350g

Product Dimensions: 18 x 4.5 x 12cm (L x W x H)

How to use:

1.Freedom:the leash tape will extend and retract freely.

2.Pause: Press the break button, keep the length of tape.

3.Lock: Kick forward to switch lock.

4.Unlock: Push Backward to switch.

Kindly Note:

1.Do not allow small children to use the leash.

2.Never try to open the plastic casing, disassemble any other parts, the spring inside may cause unexpected injuries.

3.Please be careful that the leash will bounce back quickly under unlock status, if there is no pulling force.

4.NEVER try to call your dogs back to you with a sudden locking, when they are running fast or chasing something.

5.Make sure to check that all parts of the leash and your dog's collar are in good condition before use.